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Billboard Advertisement in India

Outdoor Advertising hoardings

are a cost-effective means of advertising outdoors. These can draw great attention and make a huge-impact on potential customers. This is exactly why more and more businesses are now using attractive advertising hoardings to promote their products and services. 

A creative and powerful option to keep your products and services highlighted, billboards never fail as attention grabbers. These are intended to attract the people who are on the move. The advertisements are conveyed mostly with the aid of pictures or diagrams, using minimum number of words so that passers-by quickly grasp the intended message. The messages themselves are kept short and simple. As the advertisements should be visible from a distance, the size of the board is taken care of beforehand. Usually, the text is included in highly visible, attractive font to enhance the effectiveness.

The location is of great significance when raising a billboard ; otherwise the advertisement may go in vain. The billboard should be made of sturdy material, which is weather-resistant in order to put up a strong fight against adverse weather conditions.  More importantly, these hoardings must be able to withstand heavy winds. Nowadays, the required graphics are made using a computer and then printed on big poster boards or vinyl, which is glued to the billboard. The availability of better and advanced tools such as long-lasting billboard substrate, state-of-the-art digital technology, development of fiber optics and 3D graphics have substantially increased the scope of advertising hoardings

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           These boards can be used for short term and long term purposes and are cost-effective. They can be placed on roadsides, construction sites, station platforms, malls, airports and other strategic locations. The benefits of using advertising hoardings are limitless and they include:

•    Establishing brand awareness
•    Frequent and continuous highlighting of message
•    Effective product exposure

Eye-catchy ads on billboards reach out to millions of audiences on a day-to-day basis.

The use of advertising hoardings is not restricted to businesses alone, looking to create a brand image. These are ideal also for promoting awareness programs such as AIDS awareness, poverty eradication, environment protection and more. Numerous establishments such as banks, car manufacturers, charities, and telecommunication companies make innovative use of these billboards.

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