Friday, 13 March 2015

Bangalore Based StartUp in India

Growing world of Indian Start-Ups 

Internet based start-ups have been the current BUZZ world in global IT capital Bangalore. The growing success stories have been making the business friendly culture of Bangalore more attractive than ever before.

Today at +MyHoardings  , we'd like to pitch for investments for India's future 'Largest advertisement encyclopedia' , which is already in existence from quite some time now, and now the Co-Founders Ashok and Rajpal has decided to grow at faster pace using support from people who wanted to join the Start-Up tide and investors .

+MyHoardings  will act as a B2B place for Advertising agencies and Advertisers and  along with enter the vast multi-billion dollar Indian Ad market .

We'd like to invite attention of anybody who -
1. Would like to invest time in a Start-Up in Bangalore and Pune.
2. Anyone, who like to fund us in a small manner to get small % of shares
3. BIG investor, who have faith in idea and the team, and want to grow RICH soon with us

Can, drop us a mail at , and we'll revert you before you see next day .

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