Saturday, 1 February 2014

Are Indian villages getting influenced by OOH Advertising ?

Rural Village Advertising in India by +MyHoardings 

Since, most of start up companies, start from cities, the reason being - it's quite easy and economical to reach people in densely populated places, rather than scanty population(clients for businesses :) distribution in Rural areas.But since major Indian population resides in villages, it's hard for any general goods business, to avoid consumers in villages.

Over the time, various different techniques have been adopted to reach the people of villages in best possible way. Either it may be 'Wall Advertising' by +MyHoardings , Promoting via distribution channel via enticing commissions and free product and services demo in villages. All these ways have been ok, but not able to give complete value to the business houses, of their money.

We at MyHoardings, have devised way, specially for areas with scanty distribution, with minimal amount spend by combining advertisement effort with 'Brand building' effort by taking social connect and goodwill in count. People feel more connected with companies, who in one way or the other way remains connected in any other factor apart from product selling.To have a penetration and brand building among villagers can be boosted phenominal by sponsoring any of the social needs of the local people.

Tricycle advertising can be very helpful in rural areas.
Installing tree guards for plants on road side.
Adopting a water resource in a constituency.
Planting Tree
Sponsor a library in govt. school

We help companies realize above mentioned methods of brand creation and goodwill among rural population, which creates a never ending free mouth publicity for always.

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