Thursday, 15 August 2013

Brand promotion by Advertisement !

Why outdoor advertising is in much demand these days? The various avenues of Indian outdoor advertising such as Outdoor Advertisement At Airport , Multimall advertising,Train,Metro stations advertising and Signages advertising have become quite popular. Most of the brands and business owners adopt at least one of the forms of outdoor advertising to promote their brands in the market. With a major leap observed in Outdoor Advertising and Out of home Advertising domain over the last couple of years,Also in present new brand and business owners are also keen to try out the various modes of advertising through OOH media.
The digitalization of Out of home advertising tools, promotions of brand new technologically mediums and the expansion of various OOH avenues have collectively encouraged more brand and business owners to implement their promotion campaigns through OOH media.Shoppers Mall advertising and airport advertising practices are growing at a fast pace. Frequented by lakh customers on a daily basis,Multimalls and Railway station ,Indian airport areas are two such places where one can effectively communicate the brand message to target customers.
Many Indian cities are also populated by various forms of outdoor advertising. From Signages and billboard ads to kiosk ads and hoardings, even the small towns across the country are populated by various OOH ad displays. perhaps Communicating to a larger audience has indeed become easier with modern OOH Advertising tools.
In Indian metro politan cities like Bangalore,Delhi,Chennai,kolkata the scenario of Outdoor advertising is a little different.Big Brands usually prefer to create their presence in the major Indian cities. Real estate companies, healthcare companies, banks and travel companies in the big cities are also highly relying on the various means of Outdoor advertising. The major reason is pretty obvious. People in the big cities have more spending capacity rather than those at the towns or villages. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad ,Chennai etc. are fast growing markets where outdoor advertisers make their presence felt through innovative OOH campaigns.
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